Model Unit G53S
Axis Travel (XxY) mm 500 x 300
Axis Travel (UxVxZ) mm 60x60x220
Max. Size of Workpiece (WxDxH) mm 825x600x215
Max. Weight of Workpiece kg 400
XY Feed Rate mm/min Max. 800
Axis Drive System axis AC Servo Motor
Wire Diameter Range (standard) mm φ0.15-0.3 (φ0.25)
Max. Wire Feed Rate mm/sec 300
Wire Tension gf 300~2500
Taper Angle mm ±14.5°/80 (wide-angled nozzle, DA+DB=15mm)

D&D Smith in 2022 purchased a new wire cutting machine which gives us the latest technology in wire cutting and accuracy.

This enables us to give an extremely reliable and accurate service.

Armed with our new "Model G53S " we can solve all your wire cutting needs.