Here at D&D Smith Metal Pressers & Production Engineers we have been manufacturing Door Frame Products for 25 years.

We provide Australian steel door frame manufacturers with the hardware they need to manufacture their door frames.


We are proud of our impeccable record for quality and reliability.

Our customers know they can rely on us to provide them with Door Frame Parts that are of the highest quality, backed by our 50 years of manufacturing experience at our plant based in Sydney.

Local Supply

D&D Smith is a family owned, Australian manufacturing company that does NOT rely on overseas supply.

That means that we will not let our customers down with supply.

We don’t have to worry about a container being late or any other reason for poor supply because we manufacture here in Sydney and we hold a huge range of stock. In addition, we have amazing lead-times for special orders.

Special Requests

We have an enormous capacity ranging from laser cutting and bending, to toolmaking and metal stamping.

If you require a special product to help with your door frame manufacturing needs, please contact us today and ask our team of engineers who can help design parts to make your manufacturing easier and more efficient.

Door Frame Parts List

Please have a look at our Metal Door Frame Parts List, and contact us for up-to-date prices.

If there is anything required not on the parts list please contact us as we can make to order special requests.

Please email or call us for any further information.

Metal Door Frame Products

Download Our Metal Door Frame List