D&D Smith Metal Pressers and Production Engineers have been supplying the mining industry with high-quality, Australian made products since 2001.

We specialise in heavy gauge metal stamping, allowing us to manufacture mining products in large volume at very efficient prices.


We make many types of plates for the mining product industry, eg.-

  • Roof plates
  • Volcano plates
  • Roll back friction lock plates
  • Flat plates with 1 and 2 holes
  • Dome plates
  • W plates
  • Torque indicator washers
  • Mesh plates
  • Paddling for roof and rock bolts.

We can manufacture our mining products from a large range of materials, thickness and sizes.


At D&D Smith, our capacity is unparalleled in Australia for manufacturing mining products and metal roof plates, volcano plates etc.

Our Sydney based plant has the capacity to process hundreds of tonnes of steel into plates in a month.

We can process coil up to 300mm wide by 10mm thick in our fully automated press and feed line.

We can also process flat bar up to 300mm wide by 16mm thick in our fully automated flat bar and press line.

We have laser cutting capacity that can cut up to 25mm thick in mild steel and 12mm thick in stainless steel.

All plates can be formed into a dome or volcano or can remain flat with any size hole that is required.


We have the capacity to not only manufacture, but we also have the infrastructure to design, develop and create any mining product you might require.

We have worked closely with some of the leading mining product suppliers in Australia to develop plates that suit their exact needs.

Perhaps you might need a special shaped hole or an extra high volcano. Maybe you require the plate to be made out of special steel.

We can work with you and develop exactly what you need to solve your problem and then supply it in large or small volume with the highest quality every time.

Quality and Service

Here at D&D Smith we focus on delivering outstanding customer service backed by strict quality control procedures. This enables us to guarantee the quality and on-time delivery of our mining products.

Contact Us

The company directors, Dennis and Daniel Smith, are always available to answer any enquiry and sales call. Please contact us today.