In the 1980's the requirement for companies to include a formal quality systems into their day to day business activities became prevalent.

At this time, D & D Smith took it upon themselves to integrate a quality system adhering to ISO9001 Standards, with a  well-equipped quality control department and written operating procedures.

At D & D Smith we understand that an effective quality management system is crucial for quality products, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction and ultimately the success of the organisation, which is proven by our long jeopardy and excellent reputation in the industry.

Pressers – Chin Fong (10T – 400 T)
CNC Machines –Hartford. (bed ares of 1000mmx500mm)
Laser Cutter – Yawei HLF series 4KW 3000x1500mm
Laser Cutter – Yawei HLF series 4KW 3000x1500mm