D. & D. Smith has a variety of presses ranging from 10 tonnes to 200 tonnes. We are capable of pressing steel up to 10mm thick and 500mm wide with coil handling and feed lines. All of our presses have automated feed lines to increase our production capacity.

Our wire cutting machines, when paired with the CAD/CAM software, have the capability of producing highly accurate and complex 3 dimensional dies and production tooling. Tooling repair is also available upon request.

Another feature of D. & D. Smith is our computer controlled machines, enabling us to carry out any necessary machining on your pressed products with our CNC Machining centres

Other equipment includes:

    • CAD/CAM facilities for intricate die manufacture
    • Wire cutting machines
    • Precision tool room for manufacture, repair and maintenance of dies
    • Precision measuring equipment
    • CNC machinery for machining pressed metal items
    • Laser cutting enables us to make any shape or profile in any volume

All products are subject to strict quality control using various precision measuring equipment. From this stage they can be packed and delivered to suit your needs.