D&D Smith Metal Pressers and Production Engineers have a range of CNC machining centres.

Whether it’s for machining intricate components, or achieving accurate production repeatability, our CNC machines are an excellent tool to meet many requirements.


Our CNC Machining centres are a great tool for production requirements. We use our CNC Machining centres for thread tapping of holes.

With large scale production capabilities, we regularly tap 200,000 holes a month in our CNC Machining centres.

With precision jigs that were made in our tool room and the accuracy of our CNC machining centres, these tapped holes have a perfect thread every time.


Our well trained and very experienced toolmaking department turn to CNC Machining to deliver our customers a high-quality product and service every time.

The accuracy that is required for tool and die making means that these CNC Machining centres are the perfect tool for the job.

D&D Smith was established in 1969 and has seen a lot of changes in technology over this time.

The company founder, Dennis Smith, who is a highly regarded toolmaker, realised that moving with technology is a very important part of having a successful business in manufacturing in Australia.

D&D Smith purchased its first CNC Machine in the early ninety’s and were amazed at its versatility and accuracy. From there the CNC Machining department grew.


D&D Smith has strict quality control procedures that are followed in all parts of the company.

These procedures ensure that everything that is manufactured meets all the demands of our customers and ensures our customers always receive A1 quality and service.


D&D Smith offers a unique and personalised service.

The directors, Daniel and Dennis, have a hands-on approach ensuring that the quality and lead times of all orders are as expected.

They can be contacted anytime to discuss your CNC Machining projects.

Please call or email today for more info.