Rumbling is a finishing process that removes oil and burrs off metal parts and components. It can also polish parts to make them shiny and smooth or help remove rust.

Here at D&D Smith Metal Pressers & Production Engineers we have a large Rumbling capacity.

We have facilities to rumble heavy washers and plates up to 250mm square and 20mm thick, one of the many services we have been providing to the mining industry for years.

We have a fully automated line for this heavy duty rumbling which allows us to offer very competitive prices on our rumbling services.

We can rumble stainless steel or mild steel, aluminium, titanium, brass, copper, bronze, or any other material.

We also have rumbling facilities for more intricate parts. For removing burrs or polishing, our small intricate rumbler is the perfect tool.


Medium is a compound or substance that you put it the rumbler with the parts and it helps remove burrs and polish.

We have had rumbling facilities in our Sydney plant for over 30 years and have rumbled thousands of different parts and used many types of medium.

At D&D Smith we can advise on what type of medium is best suited or we can use any type that is required.

We only use the best medium to guarantee the best results.


Rumbling is an excellent tool to make sure that our customers get a quality product every time.

To produce a product that meets our high standards, sometimes the product will need to be rumbled.

Whether it’s at our customers request, or just because we believe it’s necessary to provide a quality product, rumbling is often part of our production procedure.

To maintain our high standards, we have a comprehensive quality control system that is adhered to at all times.


D&D Smith is an Australian family business that understands how important service is.

The directors, Daniel and Dennis Smith, take a hands-on approach to offer all customers the best possible service at all times.

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