At D&D Smith Metal Pressers & Production Engineers we have 50 years’ experience with tooling repair and maintenance in the sheet metal stamping industry.

With our fully functioning tool room that has CNC machining, EDM wire cutting, milling and grinding, we are able to help you will all aspects of Tooling Repair and Maintenance.

We Help Improve Business Productivity.

We help businesses improve their productivity by solving their existing die problems by making them work better and more reliably.

Our 50 years of experience in all types of Tooling Repair and Maintenance means that whatever problem there is, we have seen it before and can solve the problem and help prevent it from happening again.


D&D Smith has a fully implemented quality control system with documentation and records. We have calibrated measuring equipment and regularly maintained machines.

Our customer satisfaction is paramount and we guarantee all of our work will meet every requirement.

Automation & Experience

We have experience improving the design of existing dies so they can work with more automation and efficiency. Our services help Australian companies compete more competitively worldwide.

We have worked with some great Australian companies, helping them with their Tooling Repair and Maintenance needs.

Some of these companies are;

  • Boral
  • Rheem
  • B&D Australia
  • Oldfield’s
  • Sunbeam
  • Victor
  • Macnaughts
  • Jennmar Australia

The Directors at D&D Smith (Daniel and Dennis Smith) are toolmakers themselves so they understand what it takes to carryout tooling repair and maintenance.

They are always available to discuss any issues and their extensive experience in all areas of metal stamping will ensure complete satisfaction.

All work is carried out in their Sydney factory with no outsourcing required as D&D Smith has the full range of machinery to conduct all repairs onsite.

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