At D&D Smith Metal Pressers and Production Engineers we have been providing Australia with Toolmaking and Metal Stamping services for almost 50 years.

We have made thousands of different dies to suit a huge variety of applications, there is no limit to our capabilities.

We can make,

  • Simple crop and pierce tooling.
  • Compound tooling.
  • Complex follow-on tooling.
  • Deep draw tooling.
  • Any other form of tooling that is required we can manufacture.

We can be furnished with a drawing or sample and make the required part from beginning to end.

At D&D Smith we can also manufacture jigs and fixtures to any specification.

Design & Development

We have a huge capacity to help you design and develop your project. With 50 years of experience in the Sheetmetal industry, just give us your design, sample or drawing and we can make you what you want to the highest quality every time.

At D&D Smith we pride ourselves on our service. We are a family run business and we take customer satisfaction very seriously.

Our reputation for quality and personnel service is unparalleled.

The directors Daniel and Dennis Smith play a firm roll in all areas of the business and guarantee a quality product every time.

Small Business Service with Large Company Capacity

The thing that sets us apart from the rest is that we offer small business service with large company capacity.

Our complete Toolmaking and Metal Stamping ability means that we do not have to outsource any part of the project.

Wire cutting, CNC machining, jigs and fixtures, grinding, machining, tool and die repair, we do it all.

We always use the highest quality steel and components to ensure we get reliability and repeatability.

Latest Production Machinery

At D&D Smith we have a complete range of the latest production machinery. CNC bending, CNC machining, servo controlled coil handling and feeding, as well as laser cutting.

All of this enables us to continue to offer the industry the same excellent quality and service we have been offering since 1969.

Start to Finish Service

Our wire cutting and EDM services enable us to make our toolmaking with precision and our wire cutting can cut hardened steel to any shape.

With our extensive range of metal presses from 30T to 400T, we specially cater to large scale jobs and productions.

After tools and dies are manufactured they are run in our state of art press shop. We have the latest technology in metal stamping with CNC feeders and coil handling ranging from 0.5mm to 10mm. Our flat bar CNC feeding line can process up to 16mm.

After the parts are manufactured they may need to have some machining, e.g. tapped holes or countersunk holes. We have CNC machining centres which are excellent tools for production machining and our fully equipped toolmaking facility can make a jig to suit the job which offers repeatability and accuracy.

In addition, we have CNC bending facilities up to 3.1m long and our 5 Axis CNC bender has extreme accuracy for any bending or folding requirements.

Please contact us for more info on how we can help you with your Toolmaking and Metal Stamping projects.

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