Here at D&D Smith we have been providing wire cutting services for over 25 years and have a vast range of experience in using our wire cutter for many applications.

Here at D&D Smith Metal Pressers and Production Engineers P/L we have always understood how important it is to keep up with technology so in the 1980,s we purchase our first wire cutter and instantly it transformed our toolmaking capacity and efficiency.

Our highly skilled and trained tool room uses experience and imagination to solve any of your wire cutting needs.


We have made tools and dies for many facets from the mining, marine and building industries, to the department of defence, just to name a few.


Wire Cutting is a process that’s very versatile and can be used for many applications, such as,

  • the manufacture of tools and dies for plastic and press metal
  • the manufacture of jigs and fixtures
  • spare parts for machines

along with

  • any other intricate metal components

Wire cutting can also cut any soft or hardened steel material.


An EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) wire cutter is a machine used in the toolmaking industry to cut shapes with extreme accuracy.

It uses a wire that is 0.018mm thick which discharges thousands of sparks to a workpiece removing material as it travels under CNC control.

Wire Cutting is extremely accurate and keeps tolerances down to microns.


D&D Smith has quality control procedures that ensure precision and accuracy in all jobs.

We have our tools and measuring equipment calibrated regularly so you can have faith that you will be completely satisfied.

We use only the best heat treatment services and purchase the finest tool steel to give us the results that ensure our reputation is always unquestioned.

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With over 25 years’ experience in wire cutting we are the perfect choice for any wire cutting needs.

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